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Softair und Filmwaffen

MESSERKAMPF Buch Sport und Selbstverteidigung von H.J.Fiedler ISBN 3-9522696-2-X Best. Nr.78 Preis 54.-Sfr. Nur noch wenige Exemplare dieses Vergriffenen Werkes lieferbar



MEDICINE CHEST EXPLOSIVES   an Investors Guide to Chemicals Used in Home-Cooked Bombs / Herswtellung von Sprengstoff aus dem Apothekenschrank,aus Pillen und Medikamenten

Bestell Nr. 197 Preis 74.-Sfr.      Katalogseite Nr. 44

WARNUNG : Nur zuStudienzwecken geeignet





BACKYARD ROCKETRY  Converting Model Rockets into Explosive Missiles

Warning: The procedures in this manual and the resulting end products are dangerous.Whenever dealing with explosives,rocketry,and improvised modifications,special preecautions must be followed in accordance with industry standards for experimentation and design.Failure to strictly follow such industry standards may result in harm to life or limp.

Therefore,this book is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Neither the author or the publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of information in this book          

Bestell Nr.732 Preis 64.-Sfr.  


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